Breathe Blends™ Aroma Sniffers™

Aroma Sniffers™ are personal aromatherapy nasal inhalers that are powerful and discreet. Using only pure, therapeutic-quality, essential oils that are organic, ethically wild-harvested or unsprayed, you receive the healing aromatic benefits of the plant and tree kingdom, anytime, anywhere. The Aroma Sniffer's convenient small size means they can easily fit in your pocket or purse. They are about the same size as a lip balm tube. There is nothing else in our Breathe Blends Aroma Sniffers - just pure, carefully-selected, hand-crafted, essential oil blends. WHY? Because Nature Just Makes You Feel Better.

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Immune System Support

Protect yourself! Schools, planes, people coughing and sneezing everywhere. Make sure you don't leave home without your Immune Boost+ Aroma Sniffers!

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Your Family's Well Being

Fussy kids - or Fussy Moms? Aroma Sniffers can help you and your kids ease through the day (and night).

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Aromatherapy with an Attitude!

Need to Kick Butt? Can't Focus? Having a hard time Letting Go? Aroma Sniffers can help you with that!

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